libtar - tar file manipulation API

libtar is a C library for manipulating POSIX tar files. It handles adding and extracting files to/from a tar archive.

  1. Download libtar
  2. libtar Features
  3. Planned Features for the Future
  4. libtar Mailing List

Download libtar

The current version of libtar is libtar-1.2.11.

The libtar source code is available from:
Binaries of libtar are available as Encap packages for a variety of platforms.

libtar Features

libtar offers the following features:

Planned Features for the Future

Here are some of the features and changes planned for future releases of libtar:

libtar Mailing List

To subscribe to the libtar mailing list, you can go to the following web page:
The libtar mailing list has a number of uses:

Mark D. Roth <>