Mark's Technical Stuff

This page contains software and documentation written by Mark D. Roth.

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Encap Package Management System
A symlink-based package management system.
authsrv Resources
Code and docs related to the TIS authentication server.
A PH client library and program.
An FTP client library and command line tool.
Apache Resources
Some useful Apache authentication modules.
A replacement for the standard Unix syslogd.
A C library for manipulating tar archives.
PAM Resources
A number of useful PAM modules, plus some PAM-related documentation.
ConSole Watchman, a decent console server package.
A modular system configuration framework. I presented a paper about this at LISA '03.
sendmail Resources
Docs and patches for sendmail.
Archive Management Package, a distributed content management interface for large FTP mirror sites.
A pseudo-user authentication plugin for AIX.
Introduction to AIX
Intro to AIX, for sysadmins who are familiar with other flavors of Unix.
Distributed Unix Cluster Toolkit, a precursor to modern configuration management tools.
A perl module I wrote that is distributed from CPAN.
Defining the Role of Service Manager: Sanity Through Organizational Evolution
Slides from a paper I presented at LISA '01.

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